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PCOS Journal

I must say I Just love this journal ... well actually I must admit to having a small part in its development.


The PCOS Journal is a day planner designed to help women with PCOS manage, track, understand and take ownership of their health.


It has been created by Melissa from PCOS Pathways.


The journal supports women with PCOS in any situation, on any treatment. It is like a companion to take on your health and fertility journey.


Along with health tips, recipes, yoga poses and motivational worksheets, the journal shares information about the treatment options that are available and the tools in the journal will help you learn about your own body and your own PCOS.

A great gift for someone in your life.

The 2019 PCOS Journal pre-release promo

Supplement Kits 

The PCOS Centre is proud to link arms with Natural Fertility Shop where you will find some fantastic products at excellent prices. I just love the kits that can make your choice of products so much easier. These kits are designed to help support the body in normal reproductive health, hormonal balance and fertility health and are a great place to start. Make sure they are suitable for you, your condition and situation before purchasing. Also read below for import details. 

The links below will take you to the natural fertility Shop website where you will find all the info on the kits. To see them all on one page and compare select the view all supplement kits link.

The products are from the US and prices listed are in USD. PCOS centre is an affiliate of some supplies to this website and may receive a sale commission as per usual affiliate agreements.

Bringing them to Australia.... you are able to buy supplements & vitamins overseas and import them into Australia for your own or family use. This is usually limited to a 3 month supply. See details from the TGA website at bottom of this section.


When choosing any supplements you need to take into account your own situation, any health condition that you have, any medication you are currently taking etc.

Just because they are natural products doesn't mean they are safe in all situation or for all people. You need to make sure that they will not conflict with your current medication or are contraindicated in your case. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. If symptoms persist please consult your healthcare professional.  It is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before taking any supplement or medication or changing your diet. More...


Mind-Body Kits

I just love these .... what better way to heal or conceive?


Support yourself on your fertility journey by bringing peace and calm to your heart and mind with a mind-body program. These programs encompass a proven method, called Guided Imagery, to create a mind-body connection that can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and bring about real physical change within the body.


Disclosure: PCOS Centre uses affiliate links on this website for which it may receive a commission on some products or serviced linked here. Please note the products or services linked or suggested on this site, are not recommendations based on your situation and are merely featured due to a potential or perceived link with PCOS and infertility. They may or may not be suitable in your situation. PCOS Centre does not accept any responsibility for your choice of product or service, lack of stock, supply, or delivery nor does is it responsible for the quality of any goods or services purchased via these links. Any refunds or returns and issues need to be taken up with the online store where the purchase was made. 



Legal Information and Disclaimers

The PCOS Centre, its proprietors, employees, staff or associates does not provide any recommendation of products for PCOS or for your situation, PCOS also does not provide warranty or guarantees for the products and services provided on behalf of individual suppliers and their brands.  The PCOS Centre, its proprietors, employees, staff or associates will not be held liable for results, outcome, non delivery or real or perceived expectations of products or services of our affiliate partners.

At all times you should rely on your own research & enquiries as to the accuracy of any information about products or services made available via affiliations or links on this website.


As an affiliate partner, the PCOS Centre may receive a commission from sales made via this website. This may be between 5-15% of the sale price.


Health Disclaimer

The information and materials provided on this website are not intended to offer any form of medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. All food products, skin and hair care beauty products, nutritional and complimentary products listed, promoted or advertised on this website should be personally investigated and ascertained if suitable for your situation and used in accordance with stated label information and directions.

In addition all information contained on or in any product label or packaging made available on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your medical practitioner. You should not use the information on this website for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.

You should always speak with your medical practitioner or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and any other form of supplementation, or before starting any diet, exercise program or before adopting any treatment for a health problem. 

Bringing medicines into Australia


Personal importation scheme

Individuals can legally import most therapeutic goods for personal use under the Personal Importation Scheme.

Personal importation occurs when:

  • an individual arranges from within Australia for a therapeutic good to be sent to them from an overseas supplier or family/friend; and

  • the goods are to be used by that individual or a member of his/her immediate family and are not sold or supplied to any other person.

It is important to note that such therapeutic goods may not be approved for supply in Australia; this means there are no guarantees about their safety or quality.

Because safety and quality cannot be guaranteed do not order medicines, including dietary supplements and herbal preparations, over the Internet unless:

  • You know exactly what is in the preparation; and

  • You have checked the legal requirements for importation and use in Australia.

Under the Personal Importation Scheme you may import a 3 month supply at the one time (at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer) of unapproved therapeutic goods into Australia without any approval required by the TGA provided that:

  • the goods are for your own treatment or the treatment of your immediate family; and

  • you do not supply (sell or give) the medicine to any other person; and

  • where possible, you keep the medicines or medical devices in their original packaging with any dispensing labels intact; and

  • the goods are not restricted under Australian Customs controls or quarantine rules and the goods do not contain a controlled substance; and

  • the goods are not injections that contain material of human or animal origin (except insulin); and

  • the total quantity of the goods imported within a 12 month period does not exceed 15 months supply of the goods (for medicines, at the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer); and

  • if the goods are medicines in Schedule 4 or 8 of the Poisons Standard a prescription from an Australian-registered medical practitioner is held for the medicines.

You cannot import more than a 3 month supply at the one time under the personal importation scheme. If you wish to bring more than 3 months supply at the one time into Australia, an Australian-registered doctor will first need to apply to the TGA for Special Access Scheme approval.


Each country has its own controls regarding the import of particular substances. Countries, which are signatories to international drug treaties, will generally have similar requirements for narcotic and psychotropic substances. However, there can be a vast difference in the way in which anabolic/androgenic steroids are regulated.

The substances listed below are not controlled substances in some countries (e.g. USA) and are widely available in dietary supplement preparations in those countries.

  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

  • Norandrostenedione

  • Ephedra (ma huang)

  • Ephedrine

However, under the Customs legislation in Australia, these substances are classified as either anabolic steroids or precursors and are prohibited imports unless an import permit has been obtained.

To establish if the goods are subject to the Customs controls you need to know what ingredients are in the product. You can check whether these ingredients are controlled substances which require import licences/permits.

Anyone ordering herbal or dietary supplements from the USA should check that the product does not contain a controlled substance. Where such preparations are identified by Customs as prohibited imports, the goods will be seized. Import permits cannot be issued retrospectively and the goods may be destroyed by Customs.


It is your responsibility to enquire with the supplier as to the full ingredients of the product.

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