The PCOS Mastery Program

PCOS Mastery Program

A great way to help you get on top of your PCOS and symptoms.


A comprehensive 4 Phase Program designed to:

  • Help you understand PCOS better and how to manage your most concerning symptoms

  • Start addressing some of those underlying issues that contribute to PCOS

  • Work with metabolic issues that lead to insulin problems and that common belly fat

  • Explore thyroid and adrenal issues that may be adding to the problems

  • Specially designed eating plan to balance insulin, boost metabolism, improve PCOS symptoms and improve weight loss.

  • All in all- providing you with a greater understanding of how things work and whats best to do to manage your PCOS now, as well as in the longer term.

In the PCOS Mastery Plan you will find:

  • Diet - what to eat and what not to eat with PCOS.

  • Lifestyle - things to watch out on that may be making your PCOS symptoms worse.

  • Exercise - the what and why of exercising with PCOS. 

  • Weight loss - why it is difficult to lose weight with PCOS and how you can speed up the process. 

  • And much more....


The PCOS Mastery Plan will give you a lot of useful information as to what you can do to help yourself and reduce your PCOS symptoms.

Want Individual Treatment & Extra Support For Your Situation?

Optional Extras - 

  • Personalise your treatment by completing a questionnaire to get specific recommendation for your situation - This is an option extra where I can work with you and help to balance your hormones with natural medicine with the view to getting your cycles back on track, increase chances of ovulation, reduce PMS and other metabolic & hormonal concerns.

  • And for those wanting to get pregnant - help get you ready for a health pregnancy and to increase your fertility and chances of conception. See the Fertility Program for more info on the fertility side of things.

  • For those getting extra support, I am able to recommend or advise on the best natural supplements and medications that are great and effective for PCOS, and which ones are best and most important in your case and why. natural medications can be very useful to help balance those hormones, reduce the hair growth and skin issues, get your cycles more regular, help trigger ovulation and increase fertility.


As a Fertility and PCOS Naturopath:

  • I have a great understanding of the condition, symptoms and am able to clearly explain what is happening in your case and provide a simple explanation of the what, why and how of PCOS - therefore helping you to understand what is happening and taking away some of the fear of the unknown.

  • I understanding both how natural medicine works, as well as what your doctor may have prescribed you and can therefore tailor your treatment to your situation.

  • I am fully trained and highly skilled in natural medicine, fertility & reproductive health, and is therefore able to prescribe specific herbal and/or homeopathic medications based on your PCOS symptoms, for those that choose to work with me directly for extra support.

4 Phase

PCOS Mastery Program

PCOS Mastery Plan


The complete 4 phase PCOS Mastery Plan and guide to PCOS control, management and better health. Has all the concepts of the program in a step by step weekly plan to help you understand PCOS, treatment options and help you get your health and hormones back on track.

  • $39 (inc GST) (download all 4 phases today) 

  • Personalised PCOS Treatment - working more with your hormones, cycle & metabolism etc. Send see below and send me a message or give me a call.

Want Individual Treatment & Extra Support For Your Situation?

Rather talk to me one on one? That's great too. 


You can book an initial PCOS consultation or Fertility consultation with me to have either in clinic in Mandurah, or via phone, Skype or FaceTime. To book in clinic you can use the booking link. This will take you to my clinic booking page and you can just choose the Initial PCOS Initial consultation or Fertility consultation in the drop down list or send me a message give me a call and I will be happy set it for you. For Skype or phone etc. send me a message or give me a call.

Initial PCOS Consultations - in clinic or phone or Skype takes about 60 minutes, with a consultation fee of $135.00 

Initial Fertility Consultations take 60-75 mins and cost $150 - this includes the Fertility program pack. You can find more information on my in clinic fertility treatments here.


Tel: 08 9535 9499

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